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Tax Collector

Tax collector: Cathy Mcgillicuddy
[email protected]

PT UB Payments

What is Bennington’s Tax Rate?

2023 Tax Rate: $32.15

Town Rate $10.63
Local School Rate $18.31
State School Rate $ 1.97
County Rate $ 1.24

The tax rate is set by the Department of Revenue Administration in the Fall of each year. The rate is per $1,000 of assessed value.

When does Bennington issue tax bills?

Bennington issues tax bills twice a year to cover the tax year of April 1 to March 31. The first bill is mailed at the end of May and is due July 1. The second bill is mailed around November 1 and is due December 1. The tax rate is not set until the fall of each year and is set by the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration. So the first bill you receive, in late May or early June, is an estimate based on the prior year’s tax rate. The second bill you receive, in November, has the new tax rate applied to the current assessed value, which is based on the status of the property as of April 1.

What makes up the tax rate?

  • The tax rate is actually made up of four different components:
  • The local/municipal rate
  • The local school rate
  • The state education rate
  • The county rate

What kind of tax relief does Bennington offer?
Bennington offers exemptions and tax credits for qualified veterans, elderly, blind, and disabled veterans. The applications are available in our office at the Town Hall. The due date for these applications is April 15. For more information please contact the Town Hall.

Low & Moderate Income Homeowners
There is a State program entitled “Low and Moderate Income Homeowners State Property Tax Relief”. To qualify, you should have a total household income of (a) $20,000 or less if a single person or (b) $40,000 or less if married or head of a New Hampshire household. This form is available in towns on April 15 of each year, and should be submitted to the NH Department of Revenue between May 1 and June 30. Information and the form to be filed is available online at

The Town of Bennington offers a tax credit in the amount of $500 for qualifying veterans and $2,000 for service-connected disabled veterans. Spouses of deceased qualifying veterans can also apply for a tax credit. Applications are available here.

What types of payment does the Town of Bennington accept?
The Town of Bennington accepts credit cards, debit cards, cash, certified bank checks, cashiers check, personal checks drawn form a local bank or a money order. Customer pays the convenience fee for all credit/debit card transactions. We do not accept post-dated checks. You can pay online here: Here

When does my account start to accrue interest?

The interest rate accrues at 8% annually and it begins the day after the due date noted on your bill.

What is the interest rate if a lien is put on my property?
The interest rate is 14% annually for a property tax lien.

My taxes are paid through an escrow account. Do I have to forward my tax bill to them?
By law, property tax bills must be mailed to the homeowner; we do not mail your tax bill to your mortgage company. Therefore, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to forward the tax bill to their mortgage company for payment to be made in time. Most major banks request tax-billing information from the Town, which they receive electronically. It is likely that your bank may obtain the necessary tax information without you forwarding them a copy of the bill. Please check with your bank directly for more information.

I am having difficulty paying my property taxes by the due date. Can I make payments on my taxes?
This is one of the most common questions we are asked. The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Some property owners make monthly payments to prepay their estimated taxes; others make monthly or quarterly payments on a current balance. We highly encourage property owners to privately discuss their finances and determine what they can pay and when. Making smaller frequent payments reduces the interest you will pay and helps ensure your current tax does not become a tax lien.

If there is a lien put on my property, how long before further action is taken by the Town?
Taxpayers have two years from the date the lien is executed to redeem liens, interest, and costs prior to the Tax Collector preparing a deed for the Board of Selectmen to take over the property. A series of mail notifications are sent to the homeowner at the last known address as part of the deeding process.

How do I change my address for my tax bill?
It is important to note that, although you may have updated your address with the Town Clerk when registering your motor vehicle, that information is secure and cannot be shared with the Tax Collector. To update your address, please print the change of address form and mail to the Town of Bennington, ATTN: Assessing Department, 7 School Street #101, Bennington, NH 03442.

What kind of tax exemptions/credits does the Town of Bennington offer?
Exemptions are available for the elderly and the blind. Credits are available for Veterans and Disabled Veterans. For more information on exemptions/credits, please click here or call 603-588-2189.

I recently purchased my property in Bennington. How long before future tax bills are sent in my name?
The Town of Bennington generally sends their semi-annual tax bills in mid-May and the end of October. At the time of billing, if your closing is near one of those processing dates please be advised that you may not receive your tax bill, as it will go to the owner on record with the Town of Bennington. The Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds generally taxes four to six weeks to record a new deed. The Town is then notified of a change of ownership once the deed is recorded.