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Town Hall Opening Update

Town Hall has been closed to the public since April 1 due to COVID-19. Staff has been working at Town Hall and has been finding innovative ways to serve our customers that cannot complete their business by mail, online, or over the phone.
On June 16th the Board of Selectmen met with Town Hall employees (Police and Office Staff) and our Emergency Management Director to talk about how we open back up to the public and when.
The biggest concern identified was the lobby. Our customer service lobby is 156 square feet. Because of ADA requirements we are unable to relocate the entrance to create a larger lobby; we cannot enlarge the existing lobby because of the location of the furnace and locations of support columns. Due to the size of the lobby we cannot properly accommodate more than one or two people at a time.
The other issue identified is air quality. There is no HVAC system at Town Hall; Town Hall is heated by two forced hot air furnaces and cooled by three window air conditioning units. We are actively researching options to improve air quality - either an air handler to draw air direct from the outdoors or UV lights to install in the duct work. Within the lobby area there is poor fresh air exchange and the Selectmen have agreed we cannot in good faith open up (even by appointment) and invite customers into that atmosphere.
We also have a Request for Proposal to obtain estimates to add a door for the Police Department and resize the customer service window and add a "sneeze guard".
Once we have resolved the air quality issue and modified the customer service window we will open by appointment only.
We appreciate the patience of our residents and we hope this explanation adequately addresses the reasons behind the Selectmen's decision to remain closed at this time.



Request for Proposal


Town of Bennington Spring Newsletter




Messages from the Town of Bennington:

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 COVID-19 update

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Notice from the Transfer Station

Bennington Transfer Station to resume recycling starting
Saturday, July 18th
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 Notice from Town Clerk:

As of Monday, March 23rd the DMV will be open by appointment only so do not send anyone to the DMV after Friday, March 20th, the public will need to call first that number will be 603-227-4000. The only offices that will be taking appointments will be Manchester, Dover, Twin Mts, Concord, or Newport. All other DMVs will be closed. All temporary plates issued Feb 26th or later have been extended till the end of April. If the temp plate was issued prior to February 26th the resident must come in to the town offices to get a permanent plate. Driver’s licenses have been extended for 6 months however, the individual must call the DMV to get their license extended.


 Letter to Bennington Residents from CVTC - Community Volunteer Transportation Company

CVTC Volunteer Drivers continue to provide rides. Please call or email.


Conservation Commission Summer Camp Scholarship for 2020 Application


Property Value Changes



Street Lights
Through the streetlight conversion process we learned there were several fixtures in Town that had become inoperable prior to replacement. The Town is billed per fixture - regardless if they are working or not. Please help us maximize your tax dollars and notify us of any outages you notice or report them directly to Eversourse at 


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You can now request vital records (birth, death & marriage certificates), register your dogs & vehicles online!
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PT UB Payments 

The Town has switched vendors for our online property tax & utility payments. Customer pays the convenience fee.

You can still utilize this online payment site to check balances or if your mortgage company has paid your taxes. 
Please contact Kristie LaPlante if you have any questions or if you need assistance completing your transaction.