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Keith Nason

Keith Nason - Keith does many things for the Town of Bennington. He is the Emergency Management Director, Assistant Fire Chief, Deputy Forestry Warden & NREMT.

David Parker

David is a life long resident of Bennington. He has worked for the town since June 24, 2009. You will see him around town mowing various properties, as well as at the Transfer Station occasionally. Dave works for the State of NH – DOT.

Dwayne Searles

Dwayne Searles – A past employee of Bennington, Dwayne returned on May 1, 2021. He is another per-diem employee at the Transfer Station and is always willing to help out. He works for the State of NH-DOT. A Bennington resident, Dwayne is married to our Assistant Librarian, Melissa.

Danni Garitty

Danni Garitty – His employment started on February 2, 2022. He is retired from the Manchester DPW, is newly hired by Bennington as a per-diem employee at the Transfer Station. Danni lives in New Boston.

Curtis Dude

Curtis has been employed since January 2, 2020 and is the regularly seen person on Saturdays (and whenever else he is needed) at the Transfer Station. Curtis lives in Bennington and is also a member of the Bennington Fire Department and an EMT.

Tom James

Tom is the Supervisor of the Transfer Station, he oversees the daily activities of the facility and works with his crew. Tom has been employed with the Town of Bennington in this capacity since July 6, 2017. In Tom’s off time he enjoys gardening, commercial fishing, he is a farmer and is a newly elected Selectman.