rhubarb festival

Rhubarb Festival

Sawyer Memorial Park
148 US Highway 202
Bennington, NH 03442

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8th Annual Rhubarb Festival Schedule



We are ready for your 📸 photo submissions for:
▪️Broadest Rhubarb Leaf
▪️Longest Rhubarb Stalk
▪️Rhubarb Flowers (arrangement or in the garden)
▪️Spring Flower Arrangement w/Rhubarb
Submission Deadline: Friday, June 5th.
Photo submissions should be sent via private message to
Bennington, NH Rhubarb Festival
or e-mailed to Bethany Craig at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include first & last name, town of residence, and age (for children 17 and under, over 18 can just write "Adult") for each photo.
▪️Broadest Leaf entries should be measured horizontally across the widest part of the leaf. Be sure your measuring tape can be seen in the photo.
▪️Tallest Stalk should be measured from the ground to the base of the leaf (or end to end if it has already been harvested). This category refers to the edible leaf stalk, not the flowering stem. Be sure your measuring tape can be seen in the photo.
▪️Rhubarb Flowers can include one flower or several in an arrangement, but should not include any other species of flower or foliage.
▪️Spring Flower Arrangement w/Rhubarb - any collection of spring flowers may be included, but rhubarb flowers or foliage must also be included.
Questions? Comment below & good luck! (https://www.facebook.com/BenningtonRhubarbFestival)





Come enjoy a celebration of all things RHUBARB!

Plants, baked goods, jams, even beverages!

Live music, craft fair, food trucks, antique tractor show, children's activities, petting zoo, story walk, and more!